Tuvalu Vacation


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Fongafale (Fogale or Fagafale) – island in the Pacific Ocean, the largest island atoll of Funafuti, belonging to the archipelago of Tuvalu.

* Geographic coordinates: 8 ° 31’S 179 ° 12’E

The island is 12 km long and from 10 to 400 meters szerkości. From the east it is surrounded by a Pacific Ocean on the west lagoon Funafuti. It resides more than 4,000 inhabitants.

On Fongafale is the administrative center of the capital and Tuvalu – Vaiaku, the only airport in the country, home of the most important state institutions, the hotel (Vaiaku lagi Hotel), a center for telecommunications, imprisonment, meteorological station, hospital, post office, bank, school.

On the island are still 3 villages: Alapi, Fakai Fou, señala